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[ale] [semi-OT] Looking for a CMS...

One that I've never worked with personally, but have heard the people at 
my office that do public message board stuff rave about it jive. Its 
java based and not cheap though. (jivesoftware.com).

Another one I see used everywhere that has a good rep is vBulletin, 
which is PHP based, and also not free (but a lot cheaper than jive). 

One free as in beer option is YABB (Yet Another Bulletin Board) 

I believe all 3 can satisfy your requirments. There are many open source 
attempts at this out there, to varying degrees of success.


Kevin Krumwiede wrote:
> I'm looking for a simple message-board CMS with the following features
> *built in*:
> - Forum permissions, so certain forums are only viewable by selected
> members
> - Inline images OR file attachments OR a separate image gallery section
> - Works with Apache and MySQL
> If there ain't no such animal I'll probably go with PHP-Nuke or phpbb,
> but I'd rather not mess with their mods.  (AFAIK, they're still debating
> whether patch/diff would be easier than typing in the mods by hand...)
> Krum
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