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[ale] Compiere

John Wells wrote:

>Joe Sechman said:
>>I'm licking my chops on this one too.......keeping an eye out for the
>>MySQL / Postgres support ... the article hints that it's not too far away!
>Yes, but here they don't sound as optimistic :(
Damn article!  Maybe I was just *wishing* it was not 'too far 
away'.....I'm particularly disturbed with the following:

".....So, porting is writing a parser - NOT writing some database 
specific code. We must maintain a "single source" approach as otherwise, 
one is in costant porting crisis."

In other words - Slow as Dirt!
Maybe if they used an SQL abstraction layer (i.e. torque) and java 
stored procedures....nevermind, it will probably still be slow and take 
years to re-engineer. I think MySQL (version 5.1+?) will be including 
stored procedures and triggers...maybe some luck then.   Oh well, I'd 
still rather spend $1500 versus 25K anyday!


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