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[ale] Desktop Linux

Dan -

Hello, fellow Linux fiend of Lilburn!

Mandrake and SuSE are very well thought of in that regard.  Mandrake's
urpmi toolset is analagous to Debian's apt-get ans had made living with
Mandrake a lot easier.  I expect SuSE has something similar now. 
Genroo, Debian, and Slackware are usable too, but it may be more effort
to get everything looking and working the way you want it.  To the
extend that Fedora is like the Red Hat of old, that would be very usable

- Jeff

On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 19:09, Dan Lambert wrote:
> I am currently using a server running Red Hat 9, and have been very happy
> with the robust and relatively secure nature of the OS.
> I am now wanting to install a desktop version of Linux on an old laptop of
> mine to gain some experience with that application for the OS. Needless to
> say, the desktop environment is considerably different from a server
> environment, and the UI expectations are vastly different, as well.
> What is the most user friendly interface available right now, and what
> version of Linux would you install for an easy to install, easy to maintain,
> easy to use version?
> Fedora? Suse 9? What?
> Dan Lambert
> Lilburn, GA
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