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[ale] Questions on SSH tunnel setup for 'tightvnc'

Joe -

Thanks for the comments. Naturally they brought me to the next plateau of 

On 24 Jan 2004, Joe Knapka wrote:

> John Mills <johnmills at speakeasy.net> writes:
> > Q3. Do I need to start any task in host's rc.local to activate the xdm 
> > login on <host_vnc_port>?

> [Re: the xinetd approach] ... I haven't ever actually done that;
> explicitly starting a VNC session in rc.local works for me. The nice
> thing about doing it via inetd is that you can have any number of VNC
> clients connected at the same port, to different server instances (I
> believe).

Could you elaborate a bit here? What do you put in rc.local? Is a VNC 
password used? Is there an implicit or explicit user at that stage? (It 
sounds as though you connect to a login screen, which is what I would 

When I use the xinetd approach I just get a "dumb" X-session (tiled
window, cursor, no apps running - not even the xdm login). I haven't
figured out how to get any other response at that point.


 - John Mills
   john.m.mills at alum.mit.edu