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[ale] WAY OT: electric motor

If the motor doesn't start when you apply power but sits there and hums,
its time to return it for a new one that works.   With 110 volt ac
motors on home use equipment, there are no secret operations to make it
work. The problem might be that the compressor is locked.  either way
take it back.

Walter Sams
SamsCo Htg.& Air, Inc.

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 09:55, Robert L. Harris wrote:
> Odd one.  I just purchases a little AC powered air compressor so my wife
> can do some air brushing.  When I plug it in I get a little humming
> noise and that's it.  The fans are seized up tight.  When I unplug it
> though the fans spin freely.   I took the back off and can spin the main
> axle with the power unplugged but when it's plugged in it might as well
> be welded in place.
> Any ideas if this is fixable or am I getting a refund?
> :wq!
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