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[ale] WAY OT: electric motor

Is there any play in the axle (when powered off)?  It could be that as soon as the field is energized the entire rotor is pushed firmly against the opposite side of the motor housing..  it could be something along the axis of the axle too - try pushing in on the axle (try both ends) while it's powered on.. but be careful!

I also think that you can see the same thing if you put AC on a properly-sized DC motor - it basically just bounces between two fields and never spins - so you're trying to turn against a very strong magnetic field..


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Odd one.  I just purchases a little AC powered air compressor so my wife
can do some air brushing.  When I plug it in I get a little humming
noise and that's it.  The fans are seized up tight.  When I unplug it
though the fans spin freely.   I took the back off and can spin the main
axle with the power unplugged but when it's plugged in it might as well
be welded in place.

Any ideas if this is fixable or am I getting a refund?

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