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[ale] Can't get my CDRW drive to burn :-(

On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 19:47, Dow Hurst wrote:
> Try
> hdparm -i /dev/scd0
> to see what your drive is really set at.  Look for the * in 
> the DMA or UDMA lines.
> The device
> /dev/sr0 and
> /dev/scd0
> are the same.  You might need to specify some options to 
> cdrecord for your drive.
> Try
> cdrecord --checkdrive
> to see what driver is recommended.  Since it is saying that 
> it is turning BURN FREE off after starting with it on, you 
> can specify for it to be off in your options.
> cdrecord --help
> will give all the options in a list.
> Hope this helps,
> Dow

linux:/home/trey # hdparm -i /dev/scd0
/dev/scd0 not supported by hdparm

Not sure what this next group means...I'm going through the help now. 
This is usually setup 'out of the box' for Mandrake and earlier SUSE
versions.  I don't see what the below info tells me about suggested
options though:

linux:/home/trey # cdrecord --checkdrive
cdrecord: No CD/DVD-Recorder device specified.
Usage: cdrecord [options] track1...trackn

Use     cdrecord -help
to get a list of valid options.

Use     cdrecord blank=help
to get a list of valid blanking options.

Use     cdrecord dev=b,t,l driveropts=help -checkdrive
to get a list of drive specific options.

Use     cdrecord dev=help
to get a list of possible SCSI transport specifiers.

Thanks again for the help.


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