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[ale] Ethernet problem

Dan Lambert wrote:

>Really dumb newbie type question here.
>I have a blade server with Red Hat 9 installed. It is a Celeron 1.1GHz
>machine with 512MB ram.1 It is configured for web hosting with Apache 2.0
>installed, etc. I have my html docs loaded and can use Mozilla to view the
>web pages.
>Everything works great sending and receiving email, browsing the web using
>Mozilla, etc., but I can't log on to the machine from any remote. I can't
>FTP, can't HTTP into it, nothing. I can ping it and get a good reply with no
>errors or lost packets.

Maybe ftp is disabled? What about SSH? (you could even
try Telnet to see if it's disabled). Let me also ask a very
obvious question, do you have an account? I assume you
do since you loaded your html onto it.

You could also run nmap against to see what ports are
open, but be VERY, VERY, VERY careful if you do
this. You could be criminally liable.

Good Luck!