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[ale] Serial Printer

Create a DB9 -> DB25 Null modem cable.  Configure the printer correctly
and you'll be fine.  

If this is for your business I know of a local consulting group that
specializes in these type hookups.

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 14:20, Nick Travis wrote:
> I'm trying to hook up an okidata printer using my serial port, but
> i've never hooked anything up via the serial port so I'm having some
> problems.  Anyone know of any sites that can point me in the right
> direction, everything i've googled up seems to be for modems.  It's a
> fedora core 1 machine.  The serial port on the printer is a 25 pin,
> this printer was previously working on a system that used Digiboards,
> which i have absolutely no knowledge about.  Thanks
> Nick
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