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[ale] Linux utility to read/convert ClarisWorks files?

Hi folks,

I recently moved the family machine from Win98 to Red Hat 8.  Every
thing is going well (now that we have a printer that actually works
reliably), except for one small snag. My wife has a boatload of Claris
Works word-processor docs she created under Windows (using an _o_l_d_
version of Claris - I bought it when we were still on Windows 3.0). I
naively assumed that OpenOffice would be able to import those files,
but that doesn't seem to be the case. I could install Claris on one of
the two remaining Windows boxen and convert all those files to RTF
using Claris, but sheesh, what a tedious pain in the posterior.

So does anyone know of a Linux utility that will convert Claris files
to some format intelligible to OpenOffice?  (Using Google, I slammed
right into the "there are seventy-gazillion pages that contain at
least one of the words in your query" problem...)


-- Joe Knapka