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[ale] USB->IDE problems

How are hotswap hard drives taken care of?  Can you treat 
the USB device like it is part of a RAID array and is an 
extra mirror that is hotswappable?  You'd need a RAM drive 
as the primary drive and some RAID code for the USB device.

Chris Fowler wrote:
> I would like to write log data to an external thumb drive.  If the user
> unplugs it to read it then I need to be able to stop writing.  When they
> plug it back in I start writing data again.  I do not intend on
> buffering data until they plug back in.  If it does not exist then the
> data would not be written.
> I've rewrote much of the hotplug code in C because the hotplug stuff
> that is on kernel.org and in RH is written in bash.  I can not really do
> IPC with bash.  
> I can have hotplug start up the streamers when it is plugged in.  Then
> the streamers will be terminated when it is unplugged.  It is also
> possible that the streamers could always be running.  They would not
> carry file descriptors around for the log files on the flash.  They
> would open(), write(), close().  Then go into a select() loop waiting on
> data to write to flash.
> On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 21:17, Geoffrey wrote:
>>Chris Fowler wrote:
>>>There may be some corruption of the file in vfat.  But that is not
>>>really of a concern.  I can recover from that in my code.
>>So I guess I don't understand the problem.  I'd suggest you'd be in the 
>>same boat with ext2, ext3, Reiser or whatever.
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