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[ale] embedded computers

Asus Pundit is a rocking little box.  Very basic and SMALL.

We sell them if you need them.

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I have some "embedded" (actually thin-client) pc's that you might find
interesting.  They are Netier SL-1000 and XL-1000 models. (www.wyse.com)
(wyse bought out Netier about 4 years ago).  These computers are slow AMD K6
chips but they have linux on a DOC and has onboard
2USB/Video/Network/IDE/Floppy/2 PC100 ram
slots/KB/Mouse/Joystick/Serial/Parellel.  It has an external 50W power

Drop me a note offline if you're interested.


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man they dont have like a computer thats just got usb out? you really only
need usb these days everything else can be used throught that! im surprised
i cant find a embedded pc like that. i find p3's and even some 4s but the
ones that include usb are big and bloated. i bet if they made em they would
be hot sellers! unless im just missing them? do they exist?

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