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[ale] Military getting rid of computerized voting system ? NOT !

Greg wrote:

>What a load of crap that the other 6 or 7 members cannot see what is plain
>in front of them.  I hate the computerized crapola that is served up to the
>public in the name of the god of technology.  I am sure that those who have
>had their identity stolen over the Internet wouldn't be so crazy about this
>Here is the link to the story:
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>Ale at ale.org
It is not so much the computers that is the problem but the one number 
ID system that this nation has started with the SSN system.  Get that 
one number of someone and their ID has been stolen whereas back in a day 
that was not possible computers or no computers.  The SSN was not to be 
used for this when it first came out.  But big business is big business 
and . . . .