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[ale] embedded computers

I've got:

1.  Many serial adapters
2.  USB 802.11b
3.  USB->3.5" IDE
4.  No name 6 in 1

All seem to work well except #2.  I did have occasional issues with #1. 
Sometimes the adapter did not support parity.  Sometimes I could not
read status of the pins via an ioctl().  Each one had a unique problem.

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 21:24, Geoffrey wrote:
> Chris Fowler wrote:
> > Get on the USB list and you'll see what I mean.  Every device has issues
> > that can cause you headache.  These are compounded with different kernel
> > versions, usage, and root controllers.
> Maybe I've just been lucky.  I've got the following usb goodies, all 
> which work like a charm:
> hp scanner, wacom tablet, Sony digital camera, Sony digital camcorder, a 
> no-name 9 in 1 card reader, quickcam camera.