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[ale] Novell and the Linux Desktop


I'm sure everyone is aware of what is happening with Novell and Linux. It seems like Novell and IBM are really making a push for the Linux desktop. Depending on who you ask, the Linux Desktop is here. For my uses (web serving, design and general business tasks), it is here, and it is rapidly improving. In terms of the corporate desktop, I see Linux as an outstanding alternative to Windows, Mac and BSD-flavored distributions.

My hope is that more 3rd party software companies, established companies, will begin to port more apps to Linux. I have written similar things on this forum before, but a letter writing campaign does wonders for these types of efforts. I have written Macromedia, Adobe and other companies about this issue. As soon as Linux can breakthrough this sort of wall, we will all be better off. One of the things that IBM could do to lead the way is to GPL their SmartSuite applications. Put more 'money where their mouth is.' This is a fairly decent suite, and I don't think it is IBM sells many seats anyway.


Mitch Featherston