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[ale] LAMP programmer/admin wanted

I'm the "technical guy" for several small web design companies.  
Basically, that means I do web programming, web server administration, 
and any other odd technical tasks that need to be done, on a "per-hour" 
basis.  It's good part-time work with flexible hours, except for the 
occasional emergencies that pop up from time to time.

Right now, I have more new projects coming my way than I can handle, so 
I'm looking for someone who would be interested in picking up a 
programming project or two.  Additionally, I'm planning to be away from 
the internet for several months this spring, so I'll need to find 
someone who can take care of occasional php bug fixes, server patches, 
and any other technical issues that might arise while I'm gone.

All of the servers I manage are Red Hat 7.x, with mostly stock packages 
except for Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Qmail.  The vast majority of the 
programming work is in php, although I inherited a few perl scripts and 
a c monstrosity from a couple of previous coders.  So if you're 
familiar with those programs and languages, and you're interested in 
picking up some part-time work, drop me a line and we'll talk details. 

Tyler Kiley