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[ale] OT: VOIP Service

You gave me an awesome idea.  Next month I'll be traveling around the 
country installing network management equipment in data centers.  The
problem is that in these DC's I usually do not have cell phone capability
but I do have IP. 

Packet8 has a small ATA.  I could also get one of those small hip phones
with headphones or even a 2.4ghz small cordless and in these DC's I'll have
VOIP access. It will also give me free phone and long distance in my hotel.
I usually stay at only hotels with high speed access.  I use linux on the
laptop and can just carry a usb->ether adapter for the VOIP setup.  Usually
me and my travel partner share the high speed by me turning my laptop into
a WiFi AP and I provide him a USB adapter for Winbloze XP.  Works great. And
we get VPN access back to the office using VTUN.


On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 08:17:44PM -0500, F. Grant Robertson wrote:
> VM yes..  Caller ID I'm not sure, I don't use it.
> Oddly, it uses UDP outbound only..  so, for me at least, there were no
> firewall issues. I litterally plugged the box into a port, turned it on and
> got dialtone and made a call immediately.
> I have no idea if you can skirt the billing like that.. I imagine not.
> Again, if you really want multi lines and such, I think vonage is much more
> suited to it.
> -g
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> Do you get all the benefits?  VM, Calle ID and others?
> Do you know if I can buy multiple ATA's and then just pay the $5 per
> month for the extra numbers.  Another concern woul;d be firewall issues.
> I assume I'll need to punch some holes.
> Chris
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