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[ale] Gimp Tricks

On Sun, Jan 18, 2004 at 10:22:29AM -0500, Geoffrey wrote:
> Christopher Fowler wrote:
> >Does anyone know of an automatic method to remove red-eye?
> I don't think that's possible.  Think about it, you're basically trying 
> to change the color of a specific area of an image.  There have been 
> tutorials on doing this with gimp, but I think you'll be stuck with 
> using a gui tool to do this.  If you want some pointers to some 
> articles, let me know, I'll dig through my old mags.  I know I saw one 
> recently specifically regarding red eye and gimp.

I saw a plug-in last night that will allow me to do it in UI mode.  I believe
that should be fine.  I'll have to test it and I'll just have to manually
do all the images that have red-eye.

I know that automatic removal is possible because many of the windows apps
that come with scanners and cameras do this.  Even the Fuji system at
Sams and Wolf Camera does this.

On the Fuji system I would like to find another machine with comparable 
prices.  I pay $0.29 per 4x6 at Sams and $0.39 at Wolf.  The problem
with this system is that it limits images to 300dpi.  Also it limits images
to 8x6.  This kiosk does not print the images the provider (Sams) has a
machine that does it for you.

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