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[ale] Logitec USB Quickcam questions?

Stephan Uphoff wrote:
> The module name is pwc
> http://www.smcc.demon.nl/webcam/

I believe thats the driver for the philips camera, I don't believe it 
will work with the quickcam.

Oops, I just checked out the site, they do list a couple of quickcam 
models.  I guess it depends on the model.  Thanks for the pointer, I'll 
check it out to see if it works better for my camera. :)

One other useful thing, run:

xwatv -hwscan

It will list the v4l devices it sees.

I just tried the pwc driver, it doesn't work with my camera.  With the 
mod_quickcam driver, xwatv -hwscan lists:

This is xawtv-3.85, running on Linux/i686 (2.4.20-4GB-athlon)
looking for available devices
port 61-61                              [ -xvport 61 ]
     type : Xvideo, video overlay
     name : video4linux

port 62-62
     type : Xvideo, image scaler
     name : ATI Radeon Video Overlay

/dev/video0: OK                         [ -device /dev/video0 ]
     type : v4l
     name : BT878(Hauppauge (bt878))
     flags: overlay capture tuner

/dev/video1: OK                         [ -device /dev/video1 ]
     type : v4l
     name : Logitech USB Camera
     flags:  capture

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

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