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On Saturday 17 January 2004 09:03, Geoffrey wrote:
> So well said Aaron.  I think you missed your calling dude.  Have you 
> considered writing?  This is a keeper!  Worthy of a top post.

Sincere thanks for the complements. I think maybe the writing will take off if 
I can just find the right market... ;-)

...which leads me to thank you for your comments on the marketing topic 
(elsewhere in the thread). I think your point is another important proof of 
the failures of a capitalist economy built upon unregulated greed.  The long 
standing, corporate driven obsession with marketing propaganda has so 
pervaded our culture that, today, it seems even the most blatant frauds are 
apathetically and passively accepted in every aspect of our society. The 
result is that success in business long ago turned from honest concerns of 
who can sell the best product to contests of who can sell the biggest lie.

[ I'll leave consideration of current political parallels and implications in 
these observations to the reader. ;-) ]



> aaron wrote:
> > The real problem is that the majority of any percentage of consumers
> > who might currently settle for the marginal products of Micro$haft
> > (whether the number is factually stated or a 99.9% fabrication) have
> > never had an opportunity to receive honest, informative exposure to
> > any of the alternatives.  The extortionist, exclusionary criminal
> > monoply obstructions of Micro$haft corrupt the free market to the
> > extent that most people have little significant access to
> > experiencing,  comparing,  purchasing or using any computing platform
> > alternatives. .
> > 
> > While geeks may exhibit a special appreciation for the more esoteric
> > aspects of the computer gadgets and gizmos world, their basic
> > consumer requisites are the same as they are for any other technology
> > consumer: they want a reliable, open, comprehensible and secure
> > product from a company or community that respects, appreciates and
> > supports their patronage. Informed technology consumers know that
> > Micro$haft fails to offer real advantages in any of those critical
> > points.
> > 
> > The arguments come back to a frequently prooven failing of capitalist
> > systems. Simply stated, competitor exclusion becomes easier to pursue
> > than product excellence when there are few ethical consequences to
> > mediate the greed motive.
> > 
> > peace aaron
> > 
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