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[ale] recommendations for a easy to configure Linux compatible 802.11B pcmcia card

The Orinoco Gold is an excellent card and will work.  Any of 
the Orinoco cards that are 802.11b only should have a Prism 
chipset that works under Linux.  I wouldn't expect any card 
that has a a,g,or n compability listed to work.  I'll post a 
site once I get home to my bookmarks that has cards with 
chipsets compatible under Linux.

Van L. Loggins wrote:
> I've heard that orinoco makes a decent card, but I am not sure which models are linux compatible.
> If you guys can help me out and suggest particular brands or model numbers to look for I would be most appreciative
> I bought a Twinmos 802.11B pcmcia card that has the realtek TRL8180 chipset in it.
> Unfortunately this card only has drivers for the stock kernels for redhat 7.3, redhat 8.0 and redhat 9.0 
> with no ability to compile a module that will work with anything other than these distibutions or kernel versions.
> I had originally had fedora core 1 installed on my IBM Thinkpad 390X laptop and decided to try this card out with SuSE 9.0 after 
> i was unable to get the drivers to work correctly.
> Suse recognizes it as a realtek pcmcia ethernet controller, but it doesn't show up properly when I run dmesg. the wifimanager program also doesn't report any info from it either.
> After fighting with it for several hours, I am throwing in the towel. I REFUSE to have to resort to installing a soon to be 
> unsupported version of redhat just to get this Redheaded stepchild to work.
> It works great on a Windoze XP laptop, no problems at all, no need for 3rd party drivers even. I sure as heck am not going to mess up my laptop by installing that drek on it.
> Thanks for any input you can give me on this subject.
> Van

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