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[ale] Open Source Apps

> > I think educated people make better decisions.  If people don't know
> > they have an option, they won't change.
> hmmmm. I would like to see that tested and proven or unproven.  Really.
> Seriously.  Maybe we could do the Best Buy MS vs. OS pc demo.  I would love
> to see it done and the test subjects quizzed afterwards.  No.  Seriously.
> Perhaps we could do it at MicroCenter or CompUSA, since both sell Linux and
> both sell pc parts and diy kits.
> However, I think that so called "educated" folks are often suseptible to
> groupthink, 

Yes. I think that you are right here. "Perception" and "marketing" play more 
significant roles than "the quality of the product." Still, perceptions can 
be changed over time through quality marketing. 

Those people that I talk to that are still on M$FT tell me that "everyone that 
mentions Linux loves it, and I just haven't gotten around to trying it." 
I have never run into someone with an "anti-Linux" view - but I think Greg is 
right in that "most people just go with the flow." There are so many bad 
decisions we as consumers make . . . we can't expect everyone (or even 
anyone) to agree with our decision and afford the effort to make a change.
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown