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[ale] Sendmail Problem

Chris Ricker wrote:

>On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, John Allgood wrote:
>>I am having an issue trying to send large attachments using sendmail. 
>>Regular email works fine. The error in the maillog is stat=I/O error. I 
>>have used an outside email account to send to this user and it works 
>>fine. Using sendmail 8.9.3-15. Any ideas.
>Unfortunately, that's kinda a generic error that you can get in sendmail due
>to lots of wildly different problems.... I don't think it's because the
>message is over size limits (sendmail should give a specific error then),
>but you might start by seeing what the limit for your server is and making
>sure you're under it, and by fsck'ing your mail spool on the server.
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I have tinkered with the max message size and other things as well. Its 
really weird. I can send him attachements from anywhere except from 
within my interanl LAN. I can manually que up the messages to send using 
sendmail -q -vc and watch all the output. It connects to the hosts and 
everything is fine until it starts the data tranfer. And that is where I 
get I/O error.