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[ale] cheapest DSL service... ?

Yes, but can they find esc1.com :o)

Geoff knows what I'm talking about ;o)

On Wednesday 14 January 2004 02:41 pm, Geoffrey wrote:
> Frank S. Glass wrote:
> > Quoting Geoffrey <esoteric at 3times25.net>:
> >
> > [ stuff deleted ]
> >
> >> I'd highly suggest Speedfactory.
> <mostuff deleted>
> > Where is their technical support?  I have begun the painful process
> > of switching away from Earthlink and am considering SpeedFactory and
> > Speakeasy.  Although I have had _no_ technical support issues with
> > Earthlink in a year, I can't in good conscience remain with a company
> > that's laying off lots of Atlanta area staff to outsource to India.
> They are most definitely local, Shallowford Rd. Marietta.  They are not
> as big as, say SpeakEasy, but they are very professional.  Support's
> local, I've talked to the same guys all the time.  Their whole operation
> is here.

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