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[ale] cheapest DSL service... ?

Christopher Fowler wrote:
> What I'm saying is that many people will try to cut $5.00 a month
> thinking they are getting a great deal.  Then when problems arrive the
> deal turns sour.
> I pay Sppedfactory $10 more than what BellSouth would cost.  I get
> static IP, no PPPOE. and good quality service.  I'm also able to share
> that connection with any computer in the house.  BellSouth makes you pay
> extra for the right to share access. I've been happy with my service.

If you compare apples to apples, you'll see that BellSouth is no better 
a $$ deal than Speedfactory.  As you've noted, they charge you extra for 
multiple computers.  They also charge you extra for a static IP (as does 
Speedfactory.  What most folks don't realise is you don't get the same 
service when you're PPPOE.

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

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