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[ale] DVD media/hardware tests

Dow Hurst wrote:
> I've learned that media composition can be a big factor in media life.  
> Also, I've learned that you need to verify the data on a drive different 
> than the one you burned with and that each and every bit needs 
> checking.  I've had great luck with CDs and a terrible time getting the 
> DVD writes to work out.  I might have run into a bad pack of media that 
> wasn't really cheap either.  And, I might have a finicky DVD-ROM and a 
> "autorun" polling process problem.

The total sum of my tests to verify DVD burns have been on a different 
drive, and have been bit for bit.  BUT, I've done this with a total of 
two sets of media, so, I might be in for some insights. :)  As I move 
forward with this effort, I'll update the list as to my success/failure.

Thanks for the heads up Dow.

Hmmmm,  wondering if I should install my dvd writer in a box and bring 
it to the next meeting... ;)

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

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