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[ale] Offsite backup

Chris Fowler wrote:
> The problem is that the machine that is running ddclient will have a
> 192.168.1.X ip address.  Not a public one.  Will this be an issue?

I assume that the Linux box will have the smc wireless router as it's 
gateway, so you get the ip from the router and pass it to you via email.
> On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 19:46, David Corbin wrote:
>>Just signup with zonedit, and use one of the dozens of tools that 
>>automatically do Dynamic DNS.  I use ddclient.  Works like a champ.
>>On Saturday 10 January 2004 19:03, Chris Fowler wrote:
>>>I plan on installing a Linux machine at my father's house to be an
>>>offsite backup.  It will be sitting on a private lan behind a SMC
>>>wireless router.  The router is attached to Comcast.  I need some way of
>>>having this box report to me every day what its IP address is.
>>>One idea is to write a client/server app in perl that will simply send a
>>>hello UDP packet.  I can then parse the source address from that packet.
>>>Then the perl script will update my /etc/hosts file on my server in
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