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[ale] Domain name registrars--advice, experience?

I've been using Melbourne IT as a registrar for a couple of domain names, but
have had a problem w/ what should be a straight-forward process of changing
some contact info, and a big problem with getting any help on the original
problem--e-mail, fax, calling Australia--they have responded very slowly to my
enquiries, and thus far have done nothing that I can see, these past
twenty-five days, other than acknowledge that there seems to be a problem.

Has anyone else used them as a registrar? If so, any similar experience? 

Any advice on registrars? I only have a couple of names registered, & probably
will not add more than one or two over the next couple of years, so it's not
something I want to spend much time fretting about. A reliable & responsive
registrar w/ local or toll-free phone & fax numbers would appeal to me, at this

Grady Harris