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[ale] mounting backups

On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 21:54, Stephen Turner wrote:
> thats a good point, the compression isnt the biggest need i have i
> suppose. what im striving to do is mount a image file like a iso image
> only read and writable and mountable after that i can add files to it till
> it fills write it to a cd and a backup disk and either forget about it or
> leave it on the disk and mount it to linux thats what i was hoping, maybe
> even move files around between images. my last email might have been
> missleading but these are my intentions :) iso's seem to be the best way
> to go so far however they are a real pain cause i cant just drop files
> into the archive at will, i have scripts to dl images from cameras and
> stuff into set folders. ahh well maybe ill finally get off my butt and
> make something? lol unless i find something.

OK, the ISO bit screws you because ISO9660 is inherently read-only. 
Don't let those "write files to a CD-R just like it's a floppy drive"
utilities fool you (as they only frustrate and complicate life all
over).  One thing you might try is google on cramfs and see what its
status is.

- Jeff