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[ale] (no subject)

I have a machine that I've put Mandrake 9.2 on and I've run into a problem with sound.  It's using the snd_via82xx driver and for what it's worth, I can get CD audio but nothing else.  If I try to play a .wav or .mp3 in xmms, the clock won't leave 00:00.  If I try to use totem, it locks up and fills its display with colored hash.  

If I try to run frozen-bubble, it sends this to stdout:

[SDL Init] [Graphics...] [Levels] [Sound Init]
SDL: Audio timeout - buggy audio driver? (disabled)
audio: Bad file descriptor

I've gone all through Mandrake Control Center's sound stuff trying to find problems but have so far failed.  I updated all the packages too.