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[ale] OT: Princeton Monitor for sell

Circuit City will be here today to deliver my new 32" Flat Screen TV. 
I'm replacing a Princeton Graphics monitor that I've been using for a
few years.  I decided I wanted a bigger screen and I need flat to reduce
glare because I have many windows in my den.


Size 27"
2 A/V In
1 A out
1 S-Video In
1 SVGA HD-15 In

This is not a TV.  It does not have a tuner it is a monitor that I've
used as a TV and as a computer monitor in the den.  Max resolution is
800x600.  I believe it weighs between 60-80lbs and pickup at my house
will is required.  I also have a little remote that works with it.

$200 obo if anyone is interested.