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[ale] changing recipient of daily system status emails....

Keith Morris wrote:
> Hi all.
> Sorry, but here is another newbie question.  I am running Fedora Core 1 
> and by default it sends daily system status emails the local mail spool 
> of 'root'.  I was wondering a couple of things...
> 1. What process is actually sending the email? is it a cron job, system 
> service, or what? (00-logwatch???)

If it happens on a regular schedule, then it is probably the result of a cron job.  The question now is, which cron job :)

> and
> 2. How does one change the recipient of the email so that it goes to my 
> internet email address (as this is a remote server and I would like to 
> receive the emails at home).  I found the $Config{'mailto'}="root"; in 
> 00-logwatch cron job, but when I changed it to to my email address 
> (escaping the \@) the script ran, but I didn't receive any email....

`man 5 crontab` is your friend.  See the MAILTO option.

Lost in Tokyo,