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[ale] Wierd sshd behavior...


Shouldn't rush to post.

Found out I've got a situation with a duplicate IP.



On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, trey wrote:

> Er, guys? I've got a bit of a newbie-ish question -
> I've got this Slackware box that's running OpenSSh 3.7.1p2.
> It's consistently demonstrating a wierd behavior. I'll try to ssh into
> it and I'll get a broken pipe the first time, followed by a series of
> refused connections. After a few minutes it'll let me authenticate
> normally and for a pretty good span of time thereafter sshd behaves. But
> if I log out and wait, say, half an hour, it manifests again.
> I thought that it might be a case of incorrect PTR records, but I
> checked that already.
> I recall seeing this on a box a few years ago, but forgot the solution.
> Help?
> Thanks,
> --Trey
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