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[ale] Alabama LUG Fest

Thanks for the info Mark, I'm passing it on to the list:

mark wrote:
> Dear Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts,
>     My name is Mark Bolding and I am e-mailing you on the behalf of the 
> Alabama LUG Fest (ALF) Planning Committee. ALF understands how people 
> feel when strangers e-mail mailing lists and advertise something that 
> maybe the list feels isn't appropriate, so we are mailing the list 
> co-ordinators to ask if they will be kind enough to pass along the 
> message to the mailing list if they feel this is appropriate.
> Thanks for your time,
> Mark
> -- 
> Come Join The Second Annual Alabama LUG Fest!
> Last year, various LUGs around Alabama decided that with the departure 
> of Atlanta Linux Showcase, we should come together and have a day of 
> festivities. We really didn't know what to expect. It was the first time 
> any of us had put together any type of convention or conference. But the 
> turn out and activities helped make it the first ever successful Alabama 
> LUG Fest. We hope to continue the same success this year and spread the 
> fun to even more people who are interested in having fun with other 
> persons interested in the same topics.
> The LUG Fest will be held in Birmingham, Alabama this year at the UAB 
> Worrell Building on Friday, Feburary 6th, 2004 and at the UAB Margaret 
> Cameron Spain Auditorium on Saturday, Feburary 7th, 2004. We hope you 
> can attend and join us in having a great time. Activities for this year 
> include:
>  - LUG Warz - A trivia-style geek game where we pit various LUGs (and 
> sometimes just complete strangers who have formed a team!) against each 
> other in a true test of Geekdom. Finally, reading all those Slashdot 
> stories, watching every episode of Star Trek, and reading the Linux 
> Kernel code comments will come in handy! Win some neat prizes and have a 
> blast seeing who truely is the geekier LUG!
>  - A hardware swap for those who want to get rid of that junky i486 or 
> that Commodore 64 that you never seem to have time to tinker with. Buy, 
> sell, trade. Anything goes so long as it doesn't smell bad and it isn't 
> totally encrusted with dust. Be sure to bring some extra cash, or make 
> some extra cash selling those parts you never use.
>  - Come hear Jerry Carter give his LinuxWorld speech! Didn't make it to 
> New York? Want to ask him some questions? Mr. Carter will be talking 
> about Samba's current development and it's future development.
>  - Other speakers and presentations include but not limited to: Wesley 
> Duffee-Braun of LPI, Anthony Skjellum creator of MPI, best hardware at 
> the show, worst desktop, some LAN gaming on Linux. And if we still 
> haven't convinced you to come there will be free Krispy Kreme donuts and 
> coffee and door prizes. Free swag! You can't pass that up.
> Unfortunately, there is a $10 registration fee. We hate to do it. We 
> wish we didn't have to. But, we do. Gotta pay for the conference space 
> somehow. Registration has begun via PayPal! Register early! And hurry 
> up! Early registration ends January 15th. After that the price is $12.00 
> which covers the cost of the super cool badges everyone gets!  So 
> register now and get your badges for free!!  Also you can register at 
> the door for $15.00.  Register now to reserve your spot at 
> http://www.alabamalugfest.org .
> What: Alabama LUG Fest
> When: Friday night and all day Saturday, Feburary 6th-7th
> Where: UAB Worrell Building on the 6th. UAB Margaret Cameron Spain 
> Auditorium on the 7th
> Why: Uhh, do you really need another reason to attend?
> For more information visit http://www.alabamalugfest.org/.
> Mark Bolding
> Center for the Development of Functional Imaging
> University of Alabama at Birmingham
> 205.934.2009
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