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[ale] New backup plan 2004

Do a full Ghost image of it and incrementally back it up.

Do a full Ghost image of a "basic" system and backup whatever you have added

Since you didn't say so in the initial post, is burning your dev environment
to the ground a likely scenario ?  Most IT professionals have a dev system
and a production system.  In the MS world, the tools (dev program and OS)
are plain vanilla installs off of Ghost images.  It is the data (code and
database) that is the gold.  For a full re-install, you Ghost the OS and dev
stuff onto a new hd and restore the data (which you have religiously backed
up using a content versioning system like SourceSafe, cvs, or subversion -
all 3 run on MS.  The last 2 are free.  Even databases can be put into a
content versioning system.

Of course, you could also put your entire system into some type of cvs, like
many *nix folks do.


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> I believe that will work fine for file back up, but; what if I have to
> burn the dev workstation to the ground and I want to restore it to a
> given state OS, apps and all?
> Greg wrote:
> >Yes, but why not use the MS Backup to a Samba share ?
> >Greg
> >
> >
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> >>I've decided to upgrade my backup plan for the new year and I'm looking
> >>for some examples, especially from users of rsync.  Also I
> would like to
> >>know if anyone has done anything to back up a w2k workstation with
> >>rsync, such as can be done with ghost.
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