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[ale] Anyone installed Debian on Itanium?

> I thought SUSE had the only 64bit OS?  Will a 32bit based OS
>   run on the Itanium2?  Wait I am forgetting that SGI runs a
> modified Redhat on the Altix which is Itanium2 based.  What
> are your problems?  Just getting a boot disk to boot the
> machine?
> Dow

I downloaded and burned Debian IA64 CDs (3.0r2).  Disk 1 is bootable, as
recognized by the EFI, and ELILO appears.  Once it goes to the initrd line
(the second line to appear after hitting enter), the machine reboots.

I'm installing on an IBM x450 w/4 Itanium2 procs, 16GB of RAM, and 2x146GB
U320 SCSI drives.  I appended "mem=512m" to try to limit the amount of RAM
used by the installer...but it still crashed.

The machine doesn't have a floppy drive, so I have to boot off CDROM.

Jonathan Glass
Systems Support Specialist II
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