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[ale] Where to buy a PDA?

Robert L. Harris wrote:
>   I'm looking to buy a Garmin IQUE 3600 in the next 3 weeks depending on
> when the check arrives.  I've found it online in a couple unknown places
> but for something this expensive and fragile I'd like to get it locally
> with a warranty.  CompUSA has it of course but at one of the higher
> prices, BestBuy doesn't and neither does Circuit City.  
> Anyone have any suggestions on other retailers?

REI carries the 3600.  Their website lists a price of $550.

Sorry for the wrap..

You've got two locations to choose from!  If you're a member, you'll get 
up to 10% rebate as well.

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

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