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[ale] Line wrap in Mozilla versus shell based email

Preston Boyington wrote:

> One feature I liked about The Bat! (www.ritlabs.com/) on my Windows
> machine was the way it displayed my email.  It has a tab at the
> bottom that switches from showing you the email in plain text to html

Mozilla has this option as well: View -> view message body as...

> (should it have been originally created in an html format).  i prefer
> plain text for email and try to have my messages created in this same
> way for others, although i don't have much control on the "other
> side" of my work computer (they use Exchange and i am not supposed to
> use any other program but Outlook for email).

I don't know if Outlook still does it, but a while back, if you told 
Outlook to send text email, it sends both text and html, what a band 
width waste.

Until later, Geoffrey	esoteric at 3times25.net

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