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[ale] Line wrap in Mozilla versus shell based email

I still don't have a handle on how to get my email to wrap properly.  
I've specified in Mozilla that plain text outgoing email is to be 
wrapped at 60 characters.  However, based on some testing I've done, it 
is pretty obvious that Mozilla isn't enforcing this the way I need it 
to.  I prefer using Mozilla for email.  I am used to it and have all my 
work related email for years stored in this format/program.  Anyway, 
does anyone have advice on how to bend Mozilla to my will?  Is there 
some magic pref I can set that isn't by default?

Also, I like sticking the little smiley faces, or emoticons, in the text 
but I have never looked at those in a email client that might not render 
them.  Do they display in mutt or pine as the usual type of text based 
emoticons of past fame?  For example, does :-) look like :-)  in mutt or 
pine?  The first one is a text based colon, dash, and right parentheses 
while the second is a standard smiley face from the menu in Mozilla.  
Just looking for some direction and advice here on plain text emails 
sent to ALE.  TIA,

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