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[ale] OT: Re: posting to Linux mail list

Greg wrote:

> Well, VB is cheap, easy , plenty of developers (I think it is the # 1
> language by number of developers) and did I mention it is cheap ?  It
> interacts with other VB stuff (all of MS office) and it is object-oriented
> (no, not object based).  It can easily access and use C++ and Windows API's
> is scalable to probably about 90% of what business's require.  It is not a
> scripting language (like HTML) but a full development language.  It
> represents RAD at it's best

For 'RAD at its best', I'd hand the trophy to Clarion rather than VB. 
It's hard to beat creating a data dictionary and then generating a 
full-blown application for maintaining the defined database with just a 
few clicks of the mouse.