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[ale] Spam and HTML email

Thanks Geof!  That is what I thought.  It's been awhile since I've read 
about images in email.  So, only attached images for business purposes 
should be allowed.  Those should be checked to verify they are images 
and not viruses.  No URL embedded links to images ought to be allowed 
since that is basically the same attack.  Can an embedded URL link to a 
javascript that would display the image but hold open a control 
connection or data connection?  That would imply that the email client 
had javascript enabled in Mail.

Geoffrey wrote:

> Dow Hurst wrote:
>> I'd like to hear the security experts chime in on this. I've 
>> encouraged users to disable images in Mail and Newsgroups in Mozilla, 
>> which is our default email app. However, what your doing prevents 
>> even Outlook users from getting whanged. I thought that images were 
>> able to contain embedded information or even javascripts now. Is this 
>> true? What are the current and coming threats from allowing embedded 
>> URLs? To me it seems that inherently it is a bad idea to allow this 
>> no matter how much people want to violate a practical security policy!
> You can certainly validate an email address by embedding a link to a 
> unique image in a message if the mail tool displays images.  Simply 
> create a 1x1 pixel white image and name it to be unique, as:
> esotericAT3times25.net.png
> And then send it to me.  If my browers opens the image, there'll be a 
> record of such in the web server that's serving the image.

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