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[ale] ? about Debian pks held back in upgrade

On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 07:51:22PM -0500, James Sumners wrote:
> Err, it can also mean a broken package or a package with broken dependencies.
> Your best bet is to check http://bugs.debian.org/<package_name> for more
> information before manually installing a package that is being kept back.
> Generally, it is being kept back for a good reason.


	Checked the bug reports and none of it looked to scary.  When 
finished I installed/upgraded 14+ packages including mozilla from 1.1 to 
1.5.  All current with updates/upgrades now :-)  BTW the mozilla 1.5 
build feels like the fastest of the mozilla builds I have used to date.  
Only issue I may have with it at this point is with realplayer 8.  More 
testing before I can be sure.


Jim Seymour
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