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[ale] flat screen monitors on RH9

On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 20:49, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> 	I've been using the NEC LCD 1712 17" LCD monitor that's available
> from Sam's for about $380 and I love it.  Runs to 1280x1024 no problem.  Only
> real problem I've run into is with a couple of systems (the monitor is on
> a 24 port KVM array - 3 Belkin 8 port switches).  It does NOT like VooDoo
> 3500 video cards.  One system has one and I tried setting up a second one with
> one.  Neither card would display character mode (graphics mode would work
> at 1280x1024, though) so the virtual consoles where out.  It also won't display
> my Sparc systems (a Sparc 768, a Sparc Ultra 5, and a couple of Sparc 2s)
> at all.  I've got bigger problems with keyboard "builds" (Stop-A anyone)
> using the adapters to the Sparc boxen, so I'm use to them giving me fits.
Finding a reasonably priced, reliable method of using a KVM with Sparcs
of the Sbus variety seems hopeless in my experience.  

Ray Knight <audilover at atlantabroadband.com>