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[ale] scp for FTP:

scp <filename> userid at machine_to_send_to:

Just tested from my linux box at home to a unix workstation at work with

scp foo foo1 at foobar:

where foo is my id on machine I'm sending to

whereis foo1 at foobar is the FULLY quailifed domain name of the box you're
wanting to send the file to (assuming that it's not in your current
domain, if it is you can just use the machine name only.)

: - puts the file in your home directory of the machine you're scping to.

It will prompt you for the password of the userid that's on the machine
that you're sending the file to.

Hope this helps.

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On Sat, 3 Jan 2004, David Corbin wrote:

> Is there a standard "scp" like command that i can use for anonymous ftp?
> Thanks
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