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[ale] Kmail Question

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On Friday 02 January 2004 10:15 am, Terry Lee Tucker wrote:
> Good Morning:
> I'm trying to use KMail as my email client (Version: KMail 1.4.1 (Using KDE
> 3.0.0-10). I like the filtering capability built in to KMail; however, when
> popping email of my internal mail server, it is dreadfully slow. Worse than
> that, the entire application stops responding to ALL events during the
> process. In fact, while typing this very message, I was suspended in time
> for one minute while KMail picked up two small messages from the server.
> I'm not using any encryption while popping off mail. I have a number of
> filters defined and I realize that this will slow the application down.
> What I don't understand is why the entire application locks up during this
> process. Surely this process forks when undertaking the pop operation. Is
> there anything I can do to prevent this or am I forced to find another
> email client?

I only get this kind of slowdown when I am piping through Spamassassin. I 
attribute that more to Spamassassin than Kmail. There have been a lot of 
improvements in speed in the more recent versions of KDE. I heartily 
recommend upgrading. The fastest yet is KDE 3.2, but that's still in beta and 
has lots of bugs. KDE 3.1.4 is very stable, though, and should be faster.
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