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[ale] Sun Java Desktop

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, Greg wrote:

> Nothing that isn't out there already.  I would try it on my SunBlade but I
> want to try aurora linux first.  Giving Sun $$ pi**e* me off more than MS
> (borked software I understand, borked hardware makes me want to cringe)

Nope. It's x86 only. Sun strategy is Solaris on Sparc workstations and
servers, Solaris on high-end Intel servers, Linux on edge / low-end Intel
(actually, they use AMD for the boxes they build, but anyway) servers,
Solaris on technical desktops, and now Linux/x86 on office desktops.

It's taken them three years of waffling back and forth about what to do
about Linux even to come to a strategy that coherent, if you want to call it
that ;-)