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[ale] OT: Re: posting to Linux mail list

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> Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2004 10:10 AM
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> Subject: Re: [ale] OT: Re: posting to Linux mail list
> William Bagwell wrote:
> > On Wednesday 31 December 2003 08:51 pm, Geoffrey wrote:
> >
> >>snips
> >>I don't see any difference between 95 and 98 stability wise.
> >
> >
> > Stability did not show up until 98SE.
> My wife shutdown her 98SE last night around 11:30.  10:30 this morning,
> it still had the win98 shutdown screen.  Locked up again.  If that's
> stability, you can have it.
> >
> > Got one here that is almost four years old without a reinstall, or any
> > serious repairs needed. Was in daily use as the family box for over two
> > years. Now only used by the one "ol' stick in the mud" who
> refuses to see
> > the light ;-) (smiley in case she reads this)
> My wife's machine is there only because I've not found a way to run
> Printshop on a non-M$ OS.

Win4Lin will run anything that runs on Windows98 plus it boots up faster
(just click on an icon on a Linux desktop), installs faster,is more secure
(just a program running on a partition on Linux) and runs totally everything
inside Linux.  Is cheaper and faster than VMWare. I loved it to death when I
was running it.


  It's a school teacher's major tool.  She will
> be running a dual boot shortly though, so I'll not have any windows
> machines in my house which connect to the internet.
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