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friends of mine are doing that now.  (they are moving from Warner Robbins to San Antonio)  rhonda has sold _everything_ after finding out how much a moving truck was.  they are taking that money and other saved money and buying new stuff once they get to their new location.

it's kind of funny to see non college people with blow up furniture in their living room...

my friend john used some service when he got a new job in florida.  he sold his house (furnished) and when the new one was bought he took a weekend and flew down, took pictures of each room, went to a local furniture store to pick out new furnishings, and made a "room reference drawing".  this was given to the service company so they would know where to place his personal effects/pictures/etc.  he took a two week cruise and arrived back to his new house without any of the hassle.

(side note: he seperates his m&m's by color)

wish my moving experience(s) could have been that easy.  it's tough to be a pack rat and move constantly.


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