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J.M. Taylor wrote:
> Here's the story: my grandmother was a victim of identity theft about a 
> month after she signed up for an account at earthlink.  She moved up with 
> my parents and forgot she had the account amidst all the other actually 
> important stuff you have to deal with when your identity's been stolen.  
> No clue what the password is.  
> Naturally the cc she used to sign up has been cancelled.  Now, she never 
> used the account after the first 2 days when I was testing it, and 
> certainly not after the 3 month free trial ended...but they sent 
> collection emails and now a collecitons agency has become involved.
> I don't mind paying the bill, but I want to speak to a human being who has 
> sufficient access to call off the creditors and cancel the account and deal with this 
> mess.  Does anybody have any contacts at Earthlink who can help 
> me get this nastiness resolved?  The customer service numbers and other 
> normal entry points are not doing any good at all.
> Thanks, as always
> jenn

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