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[ale] Dual Boot WinXP Pro + Fedora Core 1 "You are probably out of disk space"

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The exact verbage of the error is:
"An error occurred transferring the install image to hour hard drive.
You are probably out of disk space."
At that point, it gives me the option "ok", and then "back" or "next".
If I choose "next", it goes through formatting, and then displays the
error.  If I click "back", I can get back to the bootloader config, but
not back to disk druid.

Nathan J. Underwood wrote:

| Ok, I'm just now getting on the dual-boot bandwagon, and it's not quite
| as easy as I had expected.  I'm installing on an IBM Thinkpad with a
| 60GB drive, and WinXP Pro is already installed on hda1 (factory load).
| I used qtparted to size down the partition to 25GB, and wanted to setup
| a 10GB partition for Linux (Fedora Core1).  I read through this
| (http://www.hut.fi/~tkarvine/linux-windows-dual-boot-resing-ntfs.html),
| but couldn't get it to install.  At the point that it should / would
| normally start copying files, I get an error stating that I am probably
| out of drive space.  I had setup [swap] (hda2 = 512MB), /boot (hda3 =
| 100MB), / (hda3 = 9[ish]GB).  So, I figured I'd dorked something up, and
| restarted.  Same thing (I went as far as to delete the partitions so
| that there was just the 25GB NTFS, and a blank one).  So then, blew away
| those partitions (that Linux created) again, and started the install
| again, this time choosing the "Personal Desktop" option.  Same error.  I
| think I'm just missing something, but can't seem to figure out what it
| is.  I know that there's sufficient room there (on / ) for it to
| install, or should be at least.  What am I missing?
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